Taylor Swift’s birthday surprise for high school friend

Swift organised a surprise performance from Chris Carrabba, the lead singer and guitarist of Dashboard Confessional, Abigail’s all-time favourite band since high school in Nashville, reports

The Shake it off hitmaker documented the surprise on photo-sharing website Instagram in three separate videos.

“One thing that I think is really important that you know, if you don’t already know this - a lot of you probably know this - her favourite all time band in high school and still is Dashboard Confessional,” Swift said.

In the second video, she adds: “I’m just asking a random question. Do we have anyone here named Chris Carrabba? Is there a Chris Carrabba? Is there?”

Shrieks and cheers erupt as Carrabba, 39, reveals himself. The third video sees Swift, Abigail, and the party guests singing along passionately as Carrabba sings and strums his guitar.

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