Taylor Swift shares ‘profound’ relationship with fans

Singer Taylor Swift says her most ‘profound’ relationship is with her fans, and she believes that developing her music year-after-year helps her to ‘nurture’ this bond.

Swift says she constantly works on the ‘core’ relationship she has with her fans, reports

‘People always talk to you about marriages and relationships, and they say relationships take work, and you have to keep surprising each other. ‘And that I think the most profound relationship I’ve ever had has been with my fans. That relationship takes work, and you have to continue to think of new ways to delight and surprise them,’ she said.

The 24-year old singer also said that she felt like she was able to take risks with her latest album1989 because of the special relationship she shares with her loyal supporters.

‘You can’t just assume that because they were gracious enough to make you a part of their life last year, that they’re gonna want to do the same thing this year. I think that core relationship needs to be nurtured,’ she added.
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