Tamasha is not autobiographical: Imtiaz Ali

Filmmaker Imtiaz Ali says there might be a few moments from his life in his forthcoming film Tamasha, but it’s not an autobiographical.

Talking about the story of the film, Ali said: “Tamasha has that kind of love which makes a normal person extraordinary, which makes a commoner an artist. This is the kind of love through which you understand why you need a woman in life and how it takes you on a journey through which we identify ourselves.” Ali, who got separated from his wife a few years back, believes that personal life incidents and thoughts suggest you the story. 

But it’s not necessary that the story you’re portraying will be completely based on your personal life. “There might be a few minor moments from my life in Tamasha, which you can see. But on the whole, it’s not that this film is autobiographical,” he said.

He also shared that Tamasha as a title suits the film in every possible way.

“With ‘Tamasha’, it’s the first time that I have liked the title of my film. ‘Tamasha’ means spectacle, a scene or a show, something that you watch or something that you enjoy watching,” said Ali. 

“Secondly, Tamasha is always associated with the stage and this film has a lot to do with the stage. What you’ll see ultimately is that there is an artist who narrates his stories on stage. So, this title is suitable to the film in every way,” added the director. 
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