Tale of two Home Secys gets curiouser, mad scramble over files

The two Home Secretaries of Delhi government are fighting for files and assignments. On Friday, Dharampal reported to Chief Secretary in writing and also attended a meeting with the <g data-gr-id="32">MHA,</g> while Rajender Kumar, in the absence of Pal, managed a file from Pal’s office.  

“I conveyed to the Chief Secretary of Delhi on Friday that I am holding the charge of Principal Secretary (Home) and Land & Building (L&B) Department,” said Dharam Pal. 

“I also cleared all the files in my capacity as Principal Secretary (Home) and Land and Building Department,” he added, showing the shelved files in his office. 

<g data-gr-id="33">Pal</g> also told that he attended an important meeting on transport with the Central government. “When I was not in the office, Rajender Kumar, Secretary to Chief Minister, summoned a file from my office but all the other files are coming to my office,” added Dharam Pal. 

He further added: “Kumar can <g data-gr-id="38">summoned</g> the files of Home and L&D departments in his capacity as Secretary to the Chief Minister. He can’t summon the files in his capacity as Secretary of these departments as his appointment has been declared illegal by the Union ministry of Home Affairs,” added Pal. However, the office of the Chief Minister claimed that Pal is in waiting list and Kumar is holding the post of Secretary (Home). 

“Pal is in waiting list and we are ready to surrender his services to the MHA. Ashwani Kumar is the new Secretary (Land & Building) while Rajender Kumar is Secretary (Home) department,” said spokesperson of the Delhi government. As all the IAS officers have joined their new departments, the Chief Minister’s office is of the view that Pal will also fall in line soon. 

“These two departments come in the reserve category and even LG does not have <g data-gr-id="36">power</g> to decide on it. The LG shall have to seek approval of the MHA to appoint secretaries of Home and Land departments. The order of MHA is binding on the Delhi government like any other state government,” added Pal. Ashwani Kumar has also joined his post but could not see the files of Land and Building Department. The Chief Secretary <g data-gr-id="35">K K</g> Sharma on Thursday had ordered Secretary, Services Department to comply the orders of MHA to reinstate Pal.
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