'Amazing' Beyonce bounces back quickly after twins' birth

11 July 2017 8:03 AM GMT
Singer Beyonce Knowles is reportedly bouncing back fast just three weeks after giving birth to her twins."Beyonce is recovering from the twins' birth...

Priyanka Chopra's next Hollywood project goes on floor

11 July 2017 7:34 AM GMT
After Baywatch, Indian actress Priyanka Chopra will be seen alongside Rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth, Adam Devine in Isnt It Romantic? as a...

Zoe Saldana gets wax figure at Madame Tussauds

11 April 2017 3:53 PM GMT
The 38-year-old star was accompanied by her mother Asalia Nazario, grandmother Argentina Cesse and husband Marco Perego, who also stole a kiss from the waxwork, reported People magazine.

ScarJo offered £13 million?

9 July 2012 11:49 PM GMT
Scarlett Johansson has reportedly been offered a whopping £13 million to feature in Avengers 2, and it is perhaps the maximum an actress has ever been...

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes to divorce

30 Jun 2012 1:23 PM GMT
The high profile Hollywood marriage of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise is over after the Dawson's Creek actress filed for divorce from her superstar...

Brangelina may attend street party

1 Jun 2012 1:05 AM GMT
Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may attend a Diamond Jubilee street party near their home in Richmond.The party is being organised...

Film director with Indian roots wins award

23 May 2012 7:41 AM GMT
9 ELEVEN, a Bollywood-style film by an Indian American director, has won the Best Feature Film award at the Peoples Film Festival (TPFF) showcasing...

Sexy tag irked young Alba

17 May 2012 12:17 AM GMT
Actress Jessica Alba didn't like being typecast as a sexy, tough action girl when she was young, but says now she has come to terms with the...

Longoria opens up about ex-husband

17 May 2012 12:13 AM GMT
Actress Eva Longoria split from basketball player Tony Parker in 2010 and says he cheated on her, but she was not the reason.'Society usually thinks...

Romantic Cruise still crazy about Holmes

17 May 2012 12:10 AM GMT
Actor Tom Cruise, who married Katie Holmes in 2006, says he is incredibly happy with their special relationship and is still mesmerised by everything...

Jolie buys Pitt a helicopter

16 May 2012 2:26 AM GMT
Actress Angelina Jolie has bought her partner Brad Pitt a helicopter and has apparently splashed £1 million on the aircraft and flying lessons.‘They...

Ethnic traditions at Jolie-Pitt wedding

11 May 2012 5:17 AM GMT
Actress Angelina Jolie reportedly wants to incorporate different ethnic traditions when she weds Brad Pitt.She wants the ceremony reflect the...
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