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Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey Over Handling of Clinton E-mail Issue

10 May 2017 6:01 AM GMT
Trump had originally criticized the FBI director for not pursuing criminal charges against Clinton last July, but later lavished praise on him.

Hillary's thumbs up for India, China economies

20 July 2012 12:27 AM GMT
Countries like India, China and Brazil are gaining influence at the global level due to their economic strength and not because of their armies, US...

Clinton braves shoes in Egypt

17 July 2012 10:39 AM GMT
The US on Monday asked its staunch ally Israel to work with it in a ‘smart’ and ‘creative’ way to wade through the radical changes sweeping the Middle...

Clinton plays peacemaker in Egypt

16 July 2012 1:55 AM GMT
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held talks on Sunday with Egypt’s top military leaders, just hours after calling for them to help smooth the...

Clinton to meet Myanmar president

13 July 2012 2:01 AM GMT
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will meet Myanmar President Thein Sein in Cambodia on Friday to discuss the easing of US sanctions on the once...

US supportive of new Egyptian govt

26 May 2012 7:23 AM GMT
The conclusion of historic two days of voting in the first round of the presidential election marks 'another important milestone' in transition to...

The (un)importance of being Hillary

17 May 2012 2:03 AM GMT
US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has reached a stage in her career when one says auf wiedersehen and moves on. She has declared that she’d...

Importance of Hillary visit

14 May 2012 1:57 AM GMT
As far as the US and Western democracies are concerned, fresh winds of change are blowing over West Bengal and Bangladesh, which together form a...

Uncle Sam comes buddy shopping

12 May 2012 3:47 AM GMT
Between Mamata Bannerjee’s Pidgin English and Hillary Clinton’s Wellesley twang, what really transpired in the first 40 minutes of their one-on-one...

Hillary visit has special significance

11 May 2012 12:36 AM GMT
The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit this week to India has brought West Bengal and its chief minister Mamata Banerjee to focus because...

Clinton lauds India on Iranian oil issue

10 May 2012 6:23 AM GMT
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has lauded the steps taken by India to reduce its dependence on Iranian oil, saying India has put itself on the...

Deep-water dreams take Hillary to Mamata

8 May 2012 4:00 AM GMT
They both said namaste and broke into what did seem like spontaneous smiles. The US secretary of state Hillary Clinton, dressed in an electric blue...
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