Pope's Easter address marked by heightened security

16 April 2017 12:09 PM GMT
The mass followed Francis's Good Friday prayer in which he deplored the suffering of migrants, victims of racism and the persecution of Christians around the world.

UK coming together after Brexit: PM

16 April 2017 7:56 AM GMT
British Prime Minister Theresa May on Sunday said the country and its people were coming together following the country's vote to exit the European...

Easter brunch at 1911

11 April 2017 3:42 PM GMT
Meat lovers will be on cloud nine to find an array of freshly cooked duck, chicken, lamb, pork, and salmon for brunch. Warm up your tummy starting with Beetroot soup and some delicious salads, for the upcoming amazing main course dishes.

Easter with largest egg weighing over a ton

15 April 2012 7:26 PM GMT
Easter just went by with people the world over celebrating the resurrection of Christ three days after being crucified on Good Friday. It also...
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