'It feels like slap in the face': Google worker sacked after leave for mother's death

27 Jan 2023 7:20 AM GMT
Among the 12,000 employees that Google has laid off, a software engineer has said he was fired by his employer just days after returning to work from...

High arsenic concentration in groundwater in 18 districts of Bihar: Reports

14 Jan 2023 10:36 AM GMT
High arsenic concentration has been found in groundwater in 18 districts of Bihar, as well as its correlation with incidences of gallbladder cancer at...

Veteran Actor Jane Fonda's Cancer Is In Remission

16 Dec 2022 6:50 AM GMT
Los Angeles: Hollywood veteran Jane Fonda on Friday announced that her cancer is in remission and she can discontinue the chemotherapy treatment. In...

Rooting out cervical cancer

13 Jun 2012 7:57 AM GMT
A scientific discovery about where and how cervical cancer takes root in the body has resolved a decades-long mystery and could lead to even better...
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