I always ask about the fairness of the pay: Jessica

18 April 2017 3:07 PM GMT
Jesscia Chastain says before accepting any role in the film she always makes sure to ask the producers and concerned people about how much her male counterpart is getting paid for the same movie. In an interview with Variety, the Oscar-nominated actor spoke candidly about how she negotiates her contracts to make sure her wages are on par with her male co-star.

'Tom Cruise changed my career'

6 April 2017 4:14 PM GMT
The 40-year-old flame-haired actor has revealed that she owes her role in the political action-thriller to Cruise, who used his considerable influence to help Chastain star in the hit movie about the real-life search for Osama bin Laden, rather than his own film Oblivion.
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