Boeing begins construction of new plant in China

11 May 2017 11:23 AM GMT
American multinational corporation Boeing has begun construction of its new plant in China, according to authorities on Thursday.The government of...

PIO's electric aircraft start-up draws investments from Boeing

6 April 2017 5:43 PM GMT
The startup intends to use the financing to further develop its proposed regional aircrafts that hold 10 to 50 passengers for flights up to 1,000 miles.

'No Dreamliners till compensation fixed'

30 May 2012 3:14 AM GMT
Civil aviation minister Ajit Singh on Tuesday said Air India would not take delivery of its first batch of Boeing 787 Dreamliner until both the...

AI wants to sue Boeing for non-delivery

29 May 2012 8:48 AM GMT
With the delivery of new-generation Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft scheduled soon, the issue of over $700 million compensation from US manufacturer...
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