Epoch-making elections

17 April 2021 6:40 PM GMT
As Bengal regains its regional identity under Mamata Banerjee to become the epicentre of the Indian economy; the opposition is going all out to reap...

Flood situation in parts of Bengal still alarming

16 Aug 2017 1:52 PM GMT
Kolkata: The flood situation in parts of northern West Bengal continued to be "alarming" despite a let up in the incessant rains as many rivers in the...

West Bengal violence: BJP, CPM, Congress delegations stopped from entering Basirhat

7 July 2017 7:09 AM GMT
Angry men and women thronged Basirhat streets in search of Biswas

Situation tense in Baduria after communal clashes

5 July 2017 7:12 AM GMT
Announcements were being via the public address system asking the people to maintain law and order.

Bengal celebrates Rath Yatra with passion

25 Jun 2017 1:19 PM GMT
Bengal celebrated Rath Yatra on Sunday with full enthusiasm.

'Refrain from announcements, fatwas hurting people'

21 April 2017 1:36 PM GMT
Quaderi had on April 18 announced a reward of Rs 10 lakh to anyone who shaves off the singer's head and garlands him with footwear after Nigam lashed out at "forced religiousness" in India after being woken up by the Azaan from a mosque near his home.

400 acre of infected wheat burnt in West Bengal

5 March 2017 7:11 AM GMT
Standing wheat of about 400 hectare were being cut and burnt in two blocks of Nadia district after a suspected fungal infection affected the crop, a...

Luscious and juicy from Bengal to Delhi

21 Jun 2013 9:01 PM GMT
Mangoes from West Bengal's Malda and Murshidabad districts are enticing customers with sweet sounding varieties such as Anaras, Ranipasand, Himsagar,...

Why Bengal can never forget 21 July

21 July 2012 2:48 PM GMT
What Mamata Banerjee says or does may be daily news for the national media these days, but why 21 July is a very important day, for her and the state...

Mamata announces pre-poll sops for the hills

11 July 2012 1:39 AM GMT
The hills and the plains are like two sisters and may peaceful elections prevail during the GTA [Gorkhaland Territorial Administration] elections in...

'There will be an alternative to SEZ status'

10 July 2012 4:14 AM GMT
An artist of cityscapes, Shuvaprasanna has been a friend and a mentor of the West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee quite visibly for the last...

Jyoti Basu: one birthday, many celebrations

9 July 2012 12:40 PM GMT
Left Front legislators paid tribute to the former Chief Minister Jyoti Basu outside the West Bengal Assembly on Sunday after being denied entry to...
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