No wrongdoing by Manmohan, his PMO in Commonwealth Games: Parliamentary panel

11 April 2017 1:50 PM GMT
PAC Chairman K.V. Thomas on Tuesday said the committee has found "nothing that the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh or the PMO (Prime Minister's Office) did out of the way".

Time to smell the coffee, Prime Minister

2 Jun 2013 6:55 PM GMT
While it remains to be seen how history will judge Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister, for now it would not be incorrect to state, that a combination of...

For one under pressure, Manmohan is confidence personified

23 May 2013 7:40 PM GMT
Under unrelenting attack on more than one count, one would expect Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to be wilting. No way! On the night he released his...

PC reminds BJP of its own TIME

10 July 2012 1:20 AM GMT
Slamming the opposition for demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh over the Time magazine story which slated him as an...

What was on the man’s mind?

9 July 2012 5:04 PM GMT
This op-ed items are often called opinion pieces in news publication parlance. But today’s piece is born not out of the usual certitude that people...

Post-Pranab, PM finds going tough with EGoMs

9 July 2012 2:02 PM GMT
It may look bizarre, but it is true. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's efforts to reconstitute almost 40 Empowered Groups of Ministers (EGoMs) and...

'PM overrated economist, underrated politician'

7 July 2012 3:29 AM GMT
Bharatiya Janata Party leader Yashwant Sinha on Friday attacked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, calling him an 'overrated economist' and an 'underrated...

One man’s burden

6 July 2012 1:22 PM GMT
By Arvind PadmanabhanWhen prime minister Manmohan Singh met with the senior officials from north block earlier this week after taking charge of the...

PM to keep finance till end of monsoon session

30 Jun 2012 1:43 AM GMT
Despite the itch for change within the union cabinet, the reshuffle is not likely to take place before the end of the monsoon session of Parliament,...

Reverse climate of pessimism: Manmohan

28 Jun 2012 1:59 PM GMT
A day after taking charge of the finance ministry, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday sought to give a push to the sagging economy as he...

BJP leaders want PM summoned

20 Jun 2012 1:22 AM GMT
Sharp differences cropped up between the Congress and the primary opposition party, the Bharatiya Janata Party [BJP], during the Joint Parliamentary...

World economy in deep trouble: PM

19 Jun 2012 2:52 AM GMT
Setting the tone for the crucial G-20 Summit, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday said the world economy is in ‘deep trouble’ and hoped the...
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