Sunny Leone won't kiss and tell

 ‘Pyar, ishq, mohabbat duniya ka sabse akhri aur khatarnaak nasha hai’, says Sunny Leone in Jism 2. She should know. She’s a khatarnak nasha herself.

Sunny who marks her debut in B-town with the Bhatts, feels Jism 2 was the best launch for her. She plays Izna, a porn star in the film.

‘Izna is a fictional character. They have used this aspect of her being a porn-star in the film but she and I are very different. I genuinely liked what Pooja had envisioned about this project. It just all fell perfectly in place like a puzzle piece,’ says Sunny.

Jism 2
is vouched as the year’s boldest film where Sunny is seen on a smooching spree while seducing, shedding clothes and making love. Any apprehensions before filming such shots?

‘The love scenes in movies are like a choreographed dance. I was a little shy and uncomfortable initially but eventually I learned to emote and feel like Izna. That’s what an actors’s job is, right? Pooja is highly professional and she made sure that the lights, camera movements, actors placement worked in tandem. That’s the beauty of it all,' Sunny says.
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