Sunny in seventh heaven after Ragini MMS 2 success

Indo-Canadian adult star Sunny Leone is in seventh heaven. Her new film Ragini MMS 2 opened to a positive response that left her bewildered and stunned.

‘To be quite honest, I didn’t expect this kind of a response. Ragini MMS 2 has gone beyond all our expectations. That feels good. I feel I’ve been accepted by audiences. It’s a nice feeling,’ Sunny said.

Ragini MMS 2, an Ekta Kapoor’s production ventured helmed by Bhushan Patel, came out 21 March and earned Rs.45.88 core in two weeks at the Indian BO.  In 2013, Sunny entered Indian showbiz with controversial reality show Bigg Boss 5 and graduated to film roles with erotic thriller Jism 2.

However, her entry was not taken lightly by the moral police who reportedly campaigning against her presence in Bollywood, but she is not overly perturbed or hurt by the attack by the moral police.
‘Hurt would be a strong words. But yes, I am surprised by how vehement the naysayers are in their opposition. I have nothing against them. But I want them to know I am working hard to make a career, just like everyone else in every profession. And ‘Ragini...’ is the answer to all those who thought I could do only one thing.’
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