Fun With Words

Words you must know to express fright

Petrify: Make (someone) so frightened that they are unable to move.

Eg - When the kidnappers mailed the bloody finger, they hoped to petrify the hostage's family into not going to the police.

Feart: Afraid too much

Eg - "She was never feart of anybody or anything in her life"

Unnerve: Make (someone) lose courage or confidence. Eg - Let's get out of here! Judah urged, the overpowering odour seeming to unnerve the horses at their first contact with it.

Stupefy: Astonish and shock.

Eg - It is to stupefy the senses and to bring on ecstasies—a thing, moreover, very easy in persons of the weaker sex, who are more delicate than the other.

Benumb: Deprive of physical or emotional feeling. Eg - The earth seemed benumbed by his icy touch, and the very spirits of the trees had withdrawn to their roots, and there, curled up in the dark, lay fast asleep.

Perturbation: Anxiety; mental uneasiness.

Eg - when they had been announced a perturbation was noticeable among the servants.

Consternation: A feeling of anxiety or dismay, typically at something unexpected.

Eg – It caused consternation in the development community when it was released because it was incompatible with previous versions.

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