Yellow egg Noodles 100 gms
Prawns 60 gms
Chilli Paste 05 gms
Garlic 05 gms
Celery30 gms
Baby Spinach 60 gms
Light Soya Sauce 03 ml
Oyster Sauce 03 ml
Oil 05 ml

1. Blanch the yellow noodle in boiling water. When done keep it under running water. Strain it and spread it out. Add a little oil so that it does not stick to each other.
2. Pour oil into a wok, add garlic and stir. Then add Chili paste and stir. Add prawns and stir till done. Add the noodles, then the sauce and the remaining ingredients. Do not overcook the vegetables
(Courtesy: Chef Veena Arora, The Spice Route, The Imperial New Delhi)
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