Fun with Words

Some 'tasty' words you ought to know


Having a stimulating effect to one's appetite. The word is related to the French word, apéritifs;appetite-boosting alcoholic beverages such as pastis, champagne, or dry sherry. Fragrant spices, and fennel are aperitive. That's why the smell of highly spiced foods may make one's stomach rumble.

Eg: The aperitive virtue of a key, the attractive virtue of a hook.


Having a hard but easily crunched consistency. This word is often used to describe vegetables such as fresh lettuce and pak choi.

Eg: Crispy fresh lettuce pieces garnished the main course.

Nectarous: Resembling nectar in texture and taste. Nectar is the sweet liquid extracted from certain plants by bees and some birds.

Eg: The doughnuts had a nectarous filling that made eating them a pleasure-filled experience.


It refers to having a pleasing odour. Writers often use it for foods that are naturally fragrant, such as garlic, herbs, and citrus fruits.

Eg: The candy shop was redolent with the rich smell of chocolate.


Having a strong and usually citrus-like flavour. like the essence of orange peels.

Eg: Five spoons of lemon zest will suffice for this recipe.

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