A rabbit’s diet should be made of good quality pellets, fresh hay (timothy or other grass hays), oat hay, water and fresh vegetables

Are dwarf rabbits relatively weaker?

Rabbits have powerful hind legs designed for running and jumping. They need living space that will permit them ample freedom of movement even when they are confined. Dwarf rabbits tend to be more active and energetic than some larger breeds and require relatively more space.

Is it alright to feed my rabbit roti, rice and other Indian food items?

No! Rabbits have their own dietary needs and certain food items which they can consume. All cooked food must be avoided. Food with condiments, masala, oil etc. is also bad for your rabbit's health. You should NOT give your rabbit rice or roti or any wheat based item like bread or pasta. Even raw fruits should only be given in small quantities. Rabbits can enjoy a variety of fresh leafy vegetables such as coriander, spinach, carrot tops or lettuce and also hay. But keep in mind that over-feeding your pet rabbit can have adverse effects.

What do I do if my rabbit has fleas?

Even though rabbit fleas are not that common in indoor pet rabbits, they do occur occasionally. If your rabbit is infected by fleas he/she might be showing symptoms like self-biting or chewing, excessive scratching and licking. To get read of fleas, run a flea comb thoroughly through your rabbit's fur coat and then dip the comb in soapy water or alcohol to drown the fleas before combing again. If the condition persists use a rabbit-safe topical solution on the backside of the rabbit's neck so that he/she does not lick it off as consuming the solution can lead to side-effects and stomach problems. If you have more than one rabbit, then kept them separate so that they don't lick off each other's solution.

Don't use any medication on your pet without consulting your vet first. Avoid flea collars and flea powder as the dosage could be too strong for you rabbit to handle. Avoid flea dips as taking a bath is stressful for your rabbit and could send him/her into shock.

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