Keep your heart happy and light irrespective of the ups and downs – pursue hobbies of interest and do everything that makes you feel good

My son is having an affair with the wrong girl and yesterday he informed us about his decision to marry her. He is very well-settled and we are truly upset with his decision.

Mrs. T Pandey, New Delhi

I don't understand the definition of the 'wrong girl'. How did you derive to the conclusion that she isn't right for your son? Assuming that your son is a mature adult who is doing well in life, I think that as parents you should support his decision. He has all the right to choose his life partner. Don't be upset about situations that are not in your control. Let him handle his life and his love. Stay away from worries and lead a better life.

My mother is always very angry. We find her temper irrational but she pays no heed to our requests. I'm 17 and my brother is eight years old. We lost our dad last year. What can we do now?

Pratim Talukdar, Assansol

I'm truly feeling sorry about your little brother and you. In the given situation, I suggest you to seek help from some elder member of your family. May be a grandparent, relative or family friend you can trust and discuss this issue with. The person can try to explain to your mother that her behaviour is affecting you both. She can also be taken to some professional help who can definitely help her manage the anger. Don't lose heart and hope. Be loving and transparent with her. It would be fine soon.

It's been a few years since I have been watching pornographic films every night. I want to stop, but don't know how. Please help.

Name unknown

Congratulations for taking the first step towards your solution. The fact that you yourself have identified the problem, is half battle won. I recommend you to engage in some other activity at night. Start watching other kinds of films and force yourself to stop this habit. You can also start staying with some friends you love spending time with. That way, you will distract yourself and slowly get out of this self inflicted addiction. All the best!

I want to be free from worries. I hate the constant tension about situations. How to do that?

John Stanley, New Delhi

We all want to get rid of worries. The vital step is to stop worrying about worries. Practice meditation, yoga and other physical activities that keep your mind and body cooler. Pursue hobbies of interest and do everything that makes you feel good. Life will have its ups and downs. Keep your heart as happy and light as you can. Spread positivity and spend time with people who help you stay happy.

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