In search of lost ones

When your beloved pet strays away for any number of reasons, it can be quite a traumatic experience for both of you. Here is what to do in such situations

What should I do if I have lost my pet?

Contact nearby shelters, animal control groups and rescue groups. Try to visit them daily as shelters are very busy and workers may not make the connection between found animals who are called in/turned in and your lost animal. Ask to see shelters' lost and found records. Be persistent but polite, and don't give up.

Make copies of the clearest photo you can find of your animal. Also, plaster telephone poles with reward posters and make your own super-huge signs to put in front of your house. Provide a reliable phone number and be available on that number all the time.

Use social media to spread information about your pet, including all important information regarding physical attributes, contact information and a picture. Connect on animal welfare Whatsapp groups, Facebook groups that work for animal welfare.

What is the scope of pet insurance in India?

India has a pet insurance scheme wherein dogs between the age of 8 weeks and 8 years can be insured. The basic rate of premium charged is 5 per cent of the sum insured.

Pet insurance covers

Death due to accident

Illness contracted while the policy is in effect

Treatment expenses

Accident while in transit (via rail, air or road)

Loss/ theft of the pet


Accidental poisoning

Third-party liability

Pet insurance exclusions

Willful or malicious injury to the pet

Injury or illness arising out of neglect or unskilful handling of the pet

Loss or injury due to war, foreign hostility, revolution, rebellion, military upheaval etc

Death due to rabies, distemper, viral hepatitis, viral enteritis, leptospirosis etc

An illness that has been contracted prior to taking the policy.

Can stray dogs that have been sterilised be relocated to any other place?

The only humane, legal and scientific way of dealing with street dogs is to get them vaccinated and sterilised under animal birth control programme (abc). Under this program, stray dogs are picked up, neutered, vaccinated against rabies and released in the respective areas from where they had been captured, which is in accordance with the animal birth control rules 2001 framed, under Section 38 of the prevention of cruelty to animals act 1960 and as per the orders of honourable Supreme Court of India.

There is scientific thought behind restoring a sterilised dog to his original habitat. Dogs are territorial animals. They mark out their territories based on the food available and they do not let outsiders come in. When these local dogs are removed from their territory, other dogs move in to occupy them. These may not be sterilised so the problem continues for that locality. Dog fights increase as any new dog entering a territory is attacked by the dogs already in that area and non-sterilised dogs continue to mate and produce litters.

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