Endangering many lives

Animals are being poached on a massive scale with thousands of species killed or captured from their native habitats

Why do humans kill animals?

Because they think that animals have been created for the use of humans and therefore it is ok to kill them and take their skin and turn it into leather. But it is not correct, and the leather industry pollutes all the rivers and makes them poisonous. The people who work in the industry also suffer from skin diseases. Most animals used for leather have their skin stripped off while they are alive – whether cows, calves, elephants, snakes and crocodiles. You should not wear leather because it is not environmentally good and neither is the wearing of leather healthy for the human body as it cannot stretch or breathe. All schools should allow their children to only wear gym shoes.

Can I have a Labrador as a pet? Will it be friendly? How can I keep it happy? Whom will it recognize as its true owner?

Labradors are friendly, happy, loyal dogs. But I am not in favour of keeping foreign pedigreed dogs. People who want pedigrees usually want to just show them off. It is illegal to sell and buy them, so don't do anything wrong. Pedigreed dogs get ill very quickly and one spends a lot of money on vets. If you want a dog, why not take an Indian puppy from the street. The puppy needs a home, you want a companion.

Indian dogs are smarter, better behaved, easier to look after and very loyal, and you will have saved his/her life.

How can we identify a poisonous snake?

Most poisonous snakes have a pupil that resembles a cat's; an oblong shape with peaked ends, like a slit in the centre of the eye. Non-venomous snakes usually have round pupils. Most snakes, that just have one solid colour, are harmless. Non-venomous snakes have spoon shaped rounded heads. Venomous snakes have triangular heads. There are only four kinds of venomous snakes in India :

Cobras, who have a very broad head which can make a hood.

The Krait's head is depressed, slightly broader than the neck, with a rounded snout. It is black with single or double milky-white bands Its eyes are small and entirely black.

The Russel's viper is a stout snake, with a brown body mixed with reds and yellows. The head is triangular, pointed at the snout, and much broader at the neck, and features two triangular-shaped spots. Its eyes have vertical pupils, and it's tongue is purplish black.

Saw-scaled viper's body ranges from dark brown to red, gray, or a mix of those colours. It has spots of light yellow or very light brown. It makes a saw like sound by rubbing its scales together.

These snakes are shy and usually stay away from humans. The snakes that come closer to human habitations are harmless snakes who come looking for mice and lizards.

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