Caring for baby squirrels

Never feed baby squirrels any kind of cow’s milk, goat milk, or soymilk. They should be kept hydrated and be fed puppy replacement milk or kitten replacement milk using a syringe

My pet parakeet's nares and cere are crusty. What does that mean?

The most common reason for this condition is a mite called Knemidokoptes. This usually appears as a fuzzy or crusty overgrowth of the tissue of the cere (the band of tissue over the beak), around the nares, around the skin of the eyes, around the vent or on the legs. This condition is usually found in young birds, but may also occur in older birds, as well. It may have a genetic component or may also be found in birds with a weak immune system. You probably are not either keeping the cage clean nor as you feeding the bird.You need to have a vet look at the bird. If not treated properly, over time, it can result in permanent deformity of the beak or toenails.
I found a pair of baby squirrels in my backyard. They were quite noisy and restless so I gave them some milk. (Dipped some cotton in a bowl of milk) How do I go about their care now?
Squirrels are not domesticated and do not make good pets. Always wear gloves when handling wild babies. They can carry diseases and parasites and are also able to bite at a young age. Try to reunite the baby or babies with their mom. If you think the mother squirrel may still be in the area and you have a good idea where the nest is that the babies came from, you can give the mother the opportunity to retrieve the babies. If a baby is sick, injured or cold the chances are that the mom will not come back to retrieve it. Place the babies in a box. You can place this box near the tree or area they came from. Make sure that the babies can't get out of the box but the mother will be able to get in and get the babies.
If the babies still have their eyes closed, they will need a heat source to help them keep warm. Even on hot summer days baby squirrels can get chilled quickly. A bottle filled with hot water and covered with a sock can be placed near the babies. Test to be sure the temperature isn't too hot, and place a tee-shirt around it to be sure it doesn't roll onto the babies. Never feed the babies any kind of cow's milk, goat milk, or soymilk. The squirrel should be kept hydrated and be fed puppy replacement milk or kitten replacement milk using a syringe. (Without the needle; mix one part of milk with three parts of water) If they won't take the fluids, put a drop on their lips or poke a drop in their mouth so they can taste some of it first. Before and after each feeding of fluids you will need to gently wipe the genital and anal area with a warm, moist cotton ball or Q-tip until they urinate or defecate. Otherwise, their stomach will bloat and may result in death.
My pet parakeet is laying lots of eggs. What do I do?
Female budgies are determinate layers, meaning that she will usually lay a predetermined number of eggs per clutch. If you take her eggs away from her, she may begin another cycle. She will attempt to replace the eggs that, according to her, a predator removed from her nest. This is not goodfor her health as her calcium will become depleted. For this reason, it is safest and best to leave her eggs in with her, allowing her to attempt to incubate her eggs. Fertile budgie eggs will usually hatch after 18 days of incubation.If not wait for this period to elapse, you can safely remove the clutch of eggs.
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