Best is yet to come

We start out the year with some ideas but as time goes by, we change – our wants and needs change – let’s not let the year get away from us

In exactly a month from now, it would be a new year to greet. Before that why not do the 20 things to ensure a better, merrier beginning.

List your priorities: Start now. Sip your tea and jot down what exactly you want. What makes you happy? Prioritise everything without neglecting yourself.

Plan the timelines: Without a date most things would not mature as you expect. Set realistic timelines for everything you desire. A dream with a date is a goal you set. Begin if you haven't already.

Make it happen: A lot of planning is wasted as the bubble of excitement vanishes over time. Once your priorities are set, just get into the strategy planning on how to achieve it.

Clear the dues: Might not be possible all the time but dues pertaining to credit cards need to be addressed. Unknowingly or by sheer negligence, we land up paying high interest fees. It is advisable to liquidate funds and clear such unwanted liabilities.

Plan the savings: A little to begin with but surely a must. Start young and reap better benefits for a lifetime. Invest on insurance policies for senior members of the family. Health insurances are a must.

Have a conversation: Heart to heart chats with those that matter is a therapy. Turn off your phone and be involved. Nothing can compensate the happiness of laughing together, looking back and cherishing memories with your loved ones.

Speak the unspoken: The sorry that you wanted to say, the love you wanted to profess or the gratitude you wanted to express – express it. You will feel lighter and better.

Heal the hurt: Seeking forgiveness isn't about losing a battle. Sometimes just a sorry can mend, heal, fix the broken. It takes a larger heart to utter the word. Believe in the power of forgiveness. Learn to let go of the tiny evil call ego.

Visit the elderly: Nobody is immortal. Meet those elderly who have always been around. With time and work, we tend to lose touch with many. Visit them and don't leave any room for repentance. If it's difficult, at least make a call and express your desire to visit them shortly. Send across flowers or food through online delivery apps and see the magic.

Clear the wardrobe: Donate the clothes and accessories that you don't need at all. Give to those who are in need. Just sort out the ones you need and let go of the others.

Clean the house: the year end cleaning is so important. To throw the junk, sort out the papers and arrange the house as you desire.

Plan the reunions: the pending ones need planning and winter definitely is the best time to do so. Be the one to initiate and unite the school friends, college gang, the ex colleagues without further delay. Just do it!

Health is wealth: Health check up and visiting the doctor has to be on priority without delay. If the health is good, life is worth living. Nothing would matter if we don't exist. Don't delay it further.

Plan the breaks: List the places you want to visit and start planning the dates. Once that is set, you can start saving for the little and long vacations. Try and involve at least one break involving the parents and senior members of the family. They need you to plan for them and take them along. Remember your childhood days, now it's your turn to reciprocate.

Enrol in a class: Something that will give you a fun window amidst the chaos and clutter. A language, zumba, cooking, martial arts, yoga,. Just enrol in something that will help you de stress.

Self pamper: A day at the spa, a solo trip or something that you feel you deserve. Sometimes just walking into a mall and indulging in some shopping might be a great boost for better mental health.

Love deeply: Love your partner with all the passion that you have. Don't let the monotony of life take away the romance. Spend quality time with the love of your life and don't bother about the alarm next morning. Just let it flow. If needed, take a day off and indulge in pure pleasure. You know what I mean.

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