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Even though it becomes difficult for humans to understand the emotions of animals, paying keen heed to their behaviour can help bridge the gap

I want to get the community dogs in my colony neutered. Is it costly to do so?

If you get it done by approaching the Municipal Corporation or an NGO, then it can be done completely free and cheap. However, if you want to get it done privately, the cost of the operation can start around Rs 1,800 for a single dog depending on your vet.

Under the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001, street dogs are to be sterilised, vaccinated and subsequently released into the same area from where they were captured. It is a crime to relocate dogs to new territories. You can read up more information on this law on this link:

What causes cloudy water in aquariums?

Cloudiness is usually caused by a bacterial bloom – which are usually harmless. Cloudiness is common in new aquariums. If your water is cloudy, then you should increase the aeration and make sure that the filter is working correctly. Siphon the gravel and change a small amount of the water (20 per cent) regularly until it goes away. Also, be sure to test the water to make sure there is not an underlying problem. Sometimes cloudiness can be caused by over feeding or by failing to remove any uneaten food.

Why are fish flicking and rubbing themselves?

The most probable cause is skin irritation caused by skin or gill flukes – you should be able to get treatment for these either from a specialist shop or from your vet.

How to treat poisoned animals?

You cannot do much in a case of poisoning. You should ask for veterinary help as soon as possible. Try to discover what caused the poisoning and stop other animals from being poisoned.

Charcoal mixed with water and given as a drench is a good treatment for poisoning. Give 1 gm for every 20 kg of body weight. Kaolin (china clay), a white powder, can be mixed with water and given as a drench. Give 10 gm to a small animal and 200 gm to a horse or camel. Ensure that overdose can have repercussions.

How to treat fractures?

In the case of a large animal you must prevent the animal moving and ask for help from your veterinarian. Broken legs commonly occur in small or young animals. You should ask your veterinarian for help but if this is not possible ask a paravet or the bone setter in the community to splint it.

You can sometimes put dislocated bones back into place if you have someone to help you.

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