Battling pests attacks

Pests like rats, spiders and worms have wonderful abilities of survival and can invade your niche without your approval.

How does a house attract rats?
Rats can live on just an ounce of food and water each day; so, when food is bountiful, they will make themselves at home. Rats are attracted to homes, businesses, and restaurants, and they will feed on the trash if it is left uncovered or if they can gnaw through a receptacle to gain entrance.
Signs that rats have invaded a home or business include gnawing and scurrying sounds in the attic or walls, as well as chewed spots, wood chips, wood shavings and tooth marks in baseboards, windows, doors, electrical cords or even packaged foods. Droppings are also a definitive sign of a rat infestation.
Although rats can grow quite large, they are flexible and can fit through very small openings, including holes and cracks in foundations or walls, even if the opening is as small as a dime. They also enter through vents, open windows, and grates. Even openings that are made for wires and pipes in the foundation of a home can give rats access.
What is the difference between rats and mice?
Size: House mice measure 12 to 20 cm in length, including the tail, and weigh 12 to 30 grams.
Colour: They may be white, brown or grey in colour.
Head: Their snouts are triangular and feature long whiskers.
Mice have large, floppy ears and long, thin, hairy tails.
They can live up to six years in captivity though most they naturally live less than a year. Mice are nocturnal, timid, social and territorial in nature.
Size: Rats are medium-sized to large rodents. However, rats may grow to be as long as 40 cm or more and weigh considerably more than mice.
Colour: Their coats are white, grey, brown or black in colour and are often soiled enough to leave grease marks on touched surfaces.
Head: The snout of the rat is blunter than that of the mouse.
Tails: Long tails that are commonly hairless and scaly.
Are rats clean mammals?
Rats are very clean and groom themselves several times a day. Rats prefer to live in a clean habitat and they do not have a strong or offensive odour.
What is spider silk made of?
Spider's silk is made up of chains of amino acids – a protein. The two primary amino acids are glycine and alanine.
Can spider webs be harmful if someone eats it?
Spider webs if ingested might not be harmful as they are made up of a simple protein and are completely biodegradable.
How many different kinds of worms exist?
The most common among worms is the earthworm which you have probably seen in the soil of your garden. There are many thousands of different creatures that we call worms.
Some worms are so tiny that you need a microscope to see them. Other worms are very big. One type of worm, called the bootlace worm, lives in the sea and can grow to be as long as an Olympic swimming pool.
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