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What is the best way to transition to new dog food?

Dogs' nutritional needs evolve as they age. The best way to transition to new dog food is to change your dog's diet gradually and systematically.

Transition your dog to new food by mixing the new dog food with the old one. Increase the quantity for the next seven days.

Avoid giving your dog any treats or human food for at least six weeks while you're experimenting with a new diet.

It may take as long as 12 weeks before you can tell whether a new diet regimen is working.

Here's some statistics that would help you with how to let the transition of your furry friend to new food:

What are the most common mistakes people make when feeding a cat?

Give the cat too much food. Along with DRY FOOD, Cats should only be fed 2 tablespoons of wet food 2 times a day. Feed a cat human food. Feeding a cat too much human food usually ends up with an overweight cat.. Cats may not get enough nutrients from human food.

Insist the cat has vegetables in its diet. Cats are carnivores and do not need to eat vegetables.

Do understand that your cat can be a picky eater! Take the time to find a food your cat enjoys.

I recently adopted a dog but he is very shy. What should I do?

Designate a small, quiet room for your dog. Place the food, water, and bedding in the room. Traveling, having parties or introducing your dog to a lot of new people who are not part of your household is not recommended at this time. Establish a regular feeding, sleeping and walking routine.

Do not push the dog to do anything that will make him uncomfortable. Spend quiet time with the dog, perhaps just sitting and reading a book while in the same room. To gain trust, sit and pet the dog while giving him some treats. If the dog is uncomfortable being petted, then just try to offer treats or try playing with him.

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