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Rhapsody in the Rain

A warm cup of exotic chai or a relaxing body massage; a walk down Delhi’s historic lanes or a comfortable night out with like-minded strangers – take your pick this monsoon in Delhi!

"Baby, the raindrops play for me." Exactly, the hypnotic sound of pelting drops and effervescent petrichor can mesmerise any aesthetic soul – and, the rain after the fatal scorching heat of the national capital only brings relief. For the cheerful, monsoon is nothing short of a festive rendezvous in the middle of a tiresome summer – an oasis in the desert of Delhi. Monsoon unfurls romantic facets of the city – from the busy South to the North block to a fulfilling sunset at India Gate. Newly-washed roads and a fresh breeze welcome you for a historic Sunday tea stroll down the lanes of Purani Delhi watching enthusiasts showcasing their art at Mandi House. For the Jacobian cuckoo, the rains are here and listed below are a few more reasons for you to step outside your cocoon without worrying about the sweltering heat.

Delhi Darshan: Know your City

Delhi Tourism Corporation operates daily sight-seeing tours starting from Scindia house to Janpath, covering all monuments of historic and national interest. From Red Fort at Purani Delhi to Akshardham Temple, you can intimately encounter our rich and flourishing heritage at a pocket-friendly price of Rs. 200. This is a must try for a family with kids and for those curious about India's dynamic past. A heritage walk, beginning in August, will be the new swanky thing to do. This truly is a unique experience as you wander the lanes and by-lanes of Delhi which was once the abode of mighty Kings. You will come back with a sense of fulfilment, knowing where you belong, admiring the grandeur of India. The guide on offer shouldn't be missed for interesting snippets and insights into the intricacies of Dilwaalon ki Dilli.

PAMPER your Skin and body

Alongside all the fun that comes with monsoons, infection too is at its peak during this season that can hamper your well-being. To avoid a serious backlash, it is essential to take care of your skin and body. Innisfree has come up with a clay mask infused with special essential oils which help combat various skin infections by cleansing your skin from its inner layers. The mask is relaxing and completely natural avoiding the hassle of undergoing the process of getting complicated facials and skin cleaning procedures. You can also try out homemade masks made of Ubtan or prepare a coffee mask mixed with sugar and oil. With a healthy body comes a healthy mind; and, for that, you need a sufficient amount of sleep and an adequate intake of fluids to help you flush out the toxins from your body. A spa or body massage is possibly the best option to relax your body, especially in the monsoons when you may be anyway stranded indoors. Try out the Ayurveda Kendra in South Delhi or any Kerala massage centre. Be sure to check the hygiene.

Season for House Parties

Break the monotony of your monsoon blues with house parties curated by Scoot – a team of young professionals who ditched their corporate life to venture into the unknown. Providing respite from known faces and places, Scoot organises house parties across the year, where strangers 'unstranger' with exciting games, ice-breaking conversations, music, dance, drinks and much more. Packing an old-school concept with a new, refreshing twist, your monsoon evenings would whisk away in the comfort of strangers (soon to be accomplices), without judgement or worry. Known for innovative themes, including masquerade parties, drinking games parties, glow in the dark parties, among others – this monsoon, Scoot has packed exciting new themes for Delhiites who are looking to venture beyond their immediate social circle. A midnight pool party with rain dance; a wine and salsa party and a tropical themed party are some of the takeaways for this season of showers. You can expect a chain of games, warm fresh pakoras to satiate your taste buds, a potluck to balance the traditional with the modern and, of course, the warm company of fellow strangers united in the search for a soulful evening! Whether indoors or outdoors, your monsoon evenings should not become regrettable. With like-minded socialising, drinks and fun games – liven up and have some fun!

Comfort of Cosy Cafés

Cafés are the perfect metaphor for escape. The greatest and most creative minds have found their way to delicate cafés, converting them into spaces for steering great thoughts and inventions. Though symbolic to Paris, Delhi too caters a plethora of cafés. Bahri & Sons, Cha Bar, Gypsy are just a few names which instantly whisk you away from the rush of your everyday life to house you in the comfort of warm drinks and soulful reads. What better time to taste this delight than the monsoon? Tea and rains, a combination much romanticised in literature and films – has gained its reputation for the right reasons, first being comfort. Now, with the FIFA World Cup fever evident across the city, cafés and pubs are gearing up for the occasion. For those wishing to avoid the rain, go to the café nearest to you, enjoy a cup of coffee or a mug of beer as you cheer for you favourite team away from the muck of the monsoons.

Experimenting with Varieties of Tea

To the West, India is synonymous with tea! And, rightfully so – tea is intrinsic to our everyday life, we know our tea and we abundantly grow our tea! Conversations over chai bind the ordinary man to the affluent. As we love our tea, we have duly created several variations of it, whether it is black tea, ginger tea, bubble tea or green tea. Shangri-La's-Eros Hotel, New Delhi, presents Monsoon specialities – Mister Chai, where you can enjoy the fragrance of the rain as you relish your tea. Alongside, they have a menu which is an assortment of dishes like Kutchi Dabeli, Aloo Tuk, Bread Pakora and more. Each dish on the monsoon menu is served with the signature Cutting Chai presented in a traditional Chai Ki Tapri. For tea aficionados, don't miss out on the tea at Minto Road bus stand with their big rusk or bread toast – it will give you wings, we vouch for it!

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