Prioritising yourself

Having too many romantic options can lead to unhappiness, ultimately one must follow their own beliefs and desires without trying to please everyone

Prioritising yourself

I am a 32-year-old girl with an issue that has been bothering me for days. I am conflicted about whom to marry, even though I have not one, not two but three eligible suitors. Mr A has been in my life for the longest and is approved by my family. However, I find him dull, and not very social. Mr B had been my college romance and we are deeply attracted to each other but he does quite poorly in the department of career. Mr C, whom I met recently on a dating site seems to tick all the boxes like looks, chemistry, family, career but my family somehow is averse to the idea that he doesn't belong to our caste and that we met online.

I am almost stuck in this dilemma and find it hard to decide. Is there a way I could perhaps decide since I am constantly vacillating and refusing to let go of any of them?

One would believe that having too many options would automatically make us happier. But ever been to a buffet and felt confused about which dishes to

try and which ones to skip? Interestingly the paradox of choices due to having too many options to choose from makes people unhappy, discontented and confused.

Having to choose between too many romantic choices is like going to a buffet spread and not being tempted by the variety and going back home full yet guilty.

Actionable advice: I am glad that you are open to the idea of seeking help to clear out your headspace. Start by setting a clear cut deadline for yourself by which you would decide. Next, eliminate the one choice whom you have the least desirability for.

Work on your life plan and see who fits in the best based on your beliefs, choices, needs and desires for life. Keyword at play here is "YOU" and in this quest, you can not try to please everyone else.

Movie that may resonate: 'There's something about Mary', a fun watch about a girl who has too many ideal suitors.

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