Beneficial constraints

Social media has indeed created a whole new world for the users, but to make it a 'healthier' space, one needs to avoid certain behaviours

Beneficial constraints

Chances are that you are on social media. In fact there are high chances that you are on more than two social media platforms. Having a social media presence today has become as important to some as having a valid identification proof. Why is that even though social media helps in connecting parts of the world in these tough times, aids business growth, enables people to meet their soulmates, yet, so many of us struggle due to using social media. Many people report feeling zapped, tired and even upset about themselves after over consuming social media content mindlessly.

If this year you are looking for a 'healthier' relationship with social media then here are a few things to stop doing while on social media.

Stop the comparison

Drop the comparison, or at least be mindful of it. Social media is primarily a projection of people's life and not the reality. You may be tempted to look at the posts, videos and think that another person has it all together. The comparison between someone's virtual reality and your reality will leave you overlooking all the good that is going on at your end. Savour the real you. Ditch the constant comparison.

Stop trolling

Trolling is an urban term used for a person who posts inflammatory mean comments, profanities or even outrageous messages in an online community. The intent is to provoke others to display their emotional responses or, at times, even manipulate others' perception. It's a negative term used for pulling others down and making remarks on their appearances, opinions, judgements etc. In simpler terms, it's an act of cyber bullying.

You may have trolled someone without even knowing it. Some even pass it off as 'constructive criticism' — not realising that it may have been inflammatory.

Make social media a pleasant experience for all by keeping it clean and safe. Don't say anything that you wouldn't like listening to.

Stop believing everything

The internet is a wonderful space to find all the information. Social media has fast become the most common place to look for trends and trending news. The harsh reality though is that social media is often full of 'opinions' presented as facts. Do your own research. If you have learnt a tip on social media for your skincare, or wellness, make sure you read up about it to know more, and act from a place of information rather than misinformation. Choose to seek expert advice rather than just following the trends or posts online without much evidence.

Stop aiming for perfection

Ever found yourself trying to put out a 'perfect' post or video? If you have tried it then you may have hit a road of over-perfection and procrastination. Often, hours are spent in deciding and editing content to ensure there are no mistakes. Next time, know that if it is good enough, then it's good enough. Perfection is often overrated.

Stop punishing your sleep

Doom scrolling into the night has become a norm these days. More people are staying up late, and punishing their sleep to catch up more on social media than ever. Your brain deserves rest and sleep. Stop the revenge bedtime procrastination through social media, and start getting more shut eye. Your brain and body will thank you. Social media won't change much in the morning. Ensure you get at least 30 minutes of screen-free time before sleeping.

Social media is here and around to stay. The only change you can practice is at your own level to not let it consume you, and rather reclaim the power.

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