Beating the holiday blues

If this season of cheer brings out the sadness in you and/or those around you, then it may well be the right time to delve a bit deeper into the underlying reasons

Beating the holiday blues

It may be the season to be jolly but did you know that many individuals around the world feel a sense of 'low' and 'sad mood' during the holiday season? With Christmas around the corner and a new year almost here, while most of us are looking forward to it, yet many individuals actually dread the end of the year.

If this season of cheer brings out the sadness in you, then time to delve a bit deeper into it. Why do some few individuals particularly feel depressed and sad during the year-end gaiety? Here is why:


To start, the pressure to enjoy around this time of the year becomes extremely high. Many of us envision a perfect year-end and an even better start to a new one. In Covid times, this pressure is all the more real, since most of us spent almost nine months under lockdown. To enjoy this freedom and be happy at the end of the year becomes almost a sense of mandate. When there is so much pressure to be happy and joyful, the chances of not feeling fulfilled with the slightest slip comes true.

What can you do: Set realistic expectations and try to not feel the peer pressure.

Winter blues

Our circadian rhythm shifts naturally during the winter season. Days become shorter and nights become longer, and we may not get enough sun. Lesser sun means lesser melatonin and poorer quality of sleep. Winter blues affect a majority of us.

The seasonal affective disorder is a more severe version of winter blues that is found in cold regions of the world that is characterised by depression that occurs at the same time every year and includes symptoms include fatigue, depression, hopelessness and social withdrawal.

What can you do: Get some sun or try phototherapy.


A natural tendency around this time for people is to drink and indulge without inhibitions. The holiday weight gain, hangovers and aftermath of excessive drinking and eating also take a toll on our minds and bodies.

What can you do: Titrate your indulgence

New year resolutions

With the year ending and everyone eagerly waiting for the new year to begin, hoping for a new start. Each year we plan to make the dreaded new year's

resolutions and this reflection causes many of us to realise all that we didn't achieve when we had set out for at the start of the present year.

What can you do: Set realistic and short term new year resolutions.

COVID times

Chances are you may not be with your family or loved ones due to the pandemic this year. Many plans may have gotten cancelled and worst, your country may have announced that Christmas is cancelled. This surely takes away from the warm holiday spirit.

What can you do: Go virtual and be safe.

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