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Mamata warns district administration against sitting on complaints of tribals

Mamata warns district administration against sitting on complaints of tribals

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, on Thursday, expressed her displeasure over discharge of duties by a section of government officials in a meeting with

representatives from different tribal communities at Nabanna Sabhaghar. Banerjee asked the tribal community to directly inform her if the top brass of the district administration continue to sit on complaints or grievances from them. Sources said that representatives from the Lodha community, present in the meeting, alleged that a good number of people at the grassroot level are not receiving the benefits of the social welfare schemes of the state government. They also alleged ill treatment by a section of police officials, ignoring Banerjee’s order that police should be humane and give patient hearing to the people’s grievances. The slow progress regarding development of a temple in Jhargram was also flagged off in the meeting. Banerjee expressed her anger over the matter and said that the government’s face loss because of a section of officer’s lackadaisical attitude to work would not be accepted.

Pointing out the issue to chief secretary B P Gopalika in the meeting, Banerjee ordered an assessment of the work done by the officers. Sources said she was also unhappy with a section of BDOs and said that they should be serious about execution of duties.

Banerjee instructed the chief secretary to take suitable measures to complete all pending works associated with tribal development in quick time and reiterated that no tribal people should be denied the benefits of the state government.

The Kurmi community flagged off the issue of granting ST status. The Chief Minister informed them that she wrote to the Centre urging them to do the needful.

Sources said Banerjee assured allocation of Rs 5 crore for the Bauri Board, Rs 2 crore for Tribal Development Board and a few crores for the Bagdi Board. Meanwhile, on Thursday, she also asked the officials concerned to ensure disbursement of Rs 2 lakh each for the families who lost their children in the Chopra tragedy in

North Dinajpur.

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