Stuntmen are Real heroes behind reel heroes: Ram

Ram Charan is soft-spoken and his love for horses is immense. He made his Bollywood debut with the remake of Zanjeer. Currently, he is busy promoting the Telugu film Bruce Lee - The fighter, where he plays the role of a stuntman. He says that since his films till now have been action based, he has been able to witness the lives of stuntmen right in front of his eyes.

How different do you think Bollywood is from Telugu film industry, in terms of film-making process and budget?

I don’t see any difference except for the language. Both the industries have the same sincerity and commitment towards film making. Since Bollywood is pan-Indian, its budgets are on the higher side. 

Now that you are coming up with the latest film Bruce Lee: The fighter, which is based on the life of a stuntman and his sister. What do you have to say about the stuntmen who actually risk their lives and do the stunts for actors?

Since most of my films so far are action-based, I got a chance to witness the lives of stuntmen right from my first film. In-fact, I am happy that I got a chance to portray the role of a stuntman in this film. They are actually the Real heroes behind the Reel heroes. I would like to dedicate this film to all the stuntmen.

Are you planning to do a Bollywood movie anytime soon?

Definitely. Soon as I am done with my commitments here, I will be doing a Bollywood film. 

Is it true that you are going to star in M.S Dhoni’s biopic?

No. I don’t know where that popped up from.
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