Stop personal attacks on Modi: Jaitley to Priyanka

A day after Priyanka Gandhi said she strongly feels about attacks on her husband Robert Vadra, BJP on Wednesday said that while she wants people to refrain from personal attacks, Congress has been targeting Narendra Modi on a variety of issues including his marital status. 

Agreeing that ‘personal issues’ should not be raked up, BJP leader Arun Jaitley said, ‘issues of probity are public issues. They are not personal issues.’ He was apparently referring to allegations relating to land deals against Vadra. 

Jaitley said he was glad Priyanka has made a statement on Vadra and ‘I only hope her immediate family and her party heeds to her advice.’ 

He said Priyanka’s friends in the Congress would now hopefully realize that they had personalised their attack on Modi relating to his marital status, the snoopgate issue ‘without a shred of evidence’. 

Breaking her silence, Priyanka had on Tuesday said: ‘When you watch TV, what do you see? Harsh words, humiliation of my family. A lot of things are said about my husband. I feel pained. I feel pained, not for myself, also not because somebody you are humiliating somebody and the truth is not being told,... 

‘... everyday I tell my children that the truth will prevail ... I feel pained at the kind of politics that has come to the fore in these elections.’ 

Though she did not name anybody, she was clearly referring to BJP’s attack on Vadra. Some BJP leaders have said Vadra would be ‘in jail’ if NDA comes to power. 

She said her husband was being used to launch a political attack on her family.

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