Stars have lost their magic: Paresh Rawal

Versatile actor Paresh Rawal feels film stars have lost their charm owing to extensive marketing and promotions.

‘The stars have lost their magic in Bollywood. If I call myself a star, then no need to go door to door and ask the audience to come and watch me in theatres. There is no need for that. Does Rajinikant do that? Does any southern star do that? Only we do that,’ said Paresh.

‘We have blown this marketing thing out of proportion as, if we don’t do this, then we are going to die.

Do aggressive marketing through TV and media. What is the need to go to Nagpur and wave your hands? This is a very childish way of looking at marketing,’ he added. Paresh says now the stars in Bollywood want to play characters and don’t want to sacrifice it for the sake of stardom. ‘Star system will always be there. Even if there is no star, you want to make somebody a star. Now fortunately, all the stars like Aamir Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, they have started playing characters,’ said the 62-year-old.  
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