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'Will play extra batsman if surface good for bowlers'

Nottingham: Indian captain Virat Kohli spoke on a number of topics in his interaction with the media at Trent Bridge ahead of the third Test against England.

India are 2-0 down and need to win this match to remain alive in the five-match series. Kohli did not specify as the whether India will play an extra batsman, leaving the decision down to the conditions and said that he has recovered from a lower back problem that plagued him at Lord's.

Excerpts from the press conference:

On playing an extra batsman: Depends on the surface. If it has got enough assistance for the bowler then the extra batter might come into play. If it is going to be even, then picking 20 wickets is the priority. It's about one discipline taking responsibility of their job. Both possibilities are there depending on the pitch

On his back: Feeling absolutely fine. It has been an issue that has been coming on and off, I got it in 2011 the first time. It happens with the work load. Back is such a thing, you don't know when it will go off. Bit of strengthening, ample rest, proper rehab gets me back into shape. I've had it couple of times before so its not a new development and I knew how to handle it.

On Jasprit Bumrah's return: Very excited with Jasprit getting fit again. He is very consistent in hitting the areas that are required at the Test level. He's shown that in South Africa already. He is one guy who is aggressive and makes the batsman feel uncomfortable in the middle. That has been his biggest strength and he relishes the challenge whenever given the opportunity. We are very excited that he is back. It is great to have someone like that on the park.

On providing players security: I don't think anyone is thinking like that. These are just things that are created on the outside and people like to make a lot of nothing basically. For us, the priority is just to win. We are not thinking of whether someone's career is on the line or what's gonna happen in the future. When it's your it's your time. Everyone has had their time in their past, no one can play forever. But that day is not today and we need to focus on this Test and not think about whether someone's career is on the line or not. I wouldn't speak to the guys like, you know, assuring them their careers are not on the line. That's, as I said, quite a bizarre thought to have.

On what he has told his players after first two Tests: Only thing we have spoken about is to focus on what the team requires. When your back is against the wall, you can't afford to think of anything else.

If you look at it from another point of view it is actually a good situation to be in because you literally have no room for thinking about anything apart from what the team requires.

The only option we have is to win this game and nothing else and you need to show that in your body language, in your intent, the way you go abut things. It is all about you feeling positive first. Those are the conversations we have had over the past few days. Now it is up to the individuals to stand up and say I'm gonna go out there and make a difference. I'm sure the guys have reflected on the last two games and there will be no other thoughts other than what the team requires.

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