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Real purpose of SGM is to undermine us: COA writes to BCCI acting secy

New Delhi: Terming the sole purpose of BCCI's Special General Meeting (SGM) scheduled on June 22 as a ploy to "undermine" their authority, the COA on Tuesday said that "General Body of BCCI" doesn't have the monopoly on policy decisions as per the Supreme Court's verdict on July 18, 2016.
The BCCI secretary after requisition from 20 affiliated units had issued a circular to conduct a SGM in New Delhi, in order to discuss policy matters with regards to decisions taken by the Vinod Rai-led committee.
However the COA in an earlier missive made it clear that no financial disbursement (TA/DA and airfare) for members will be allowed as prior permission for the meeting was not sought.
Acting secretary Amitabh Chaudhary, then, in turn accused the COA of handling BCCI affairs in an opaque manner, which was the reason they wanted to stall the SGM.
The COA has written a counter-accusatory letter, which states "real purpose of the proposed SGM is to try and undermine decisions taken by the Committee of Administrators."
While Choudhary maintained that general body of BCCI is supreme, the COA called it an attempt to bypass the SC order.
"Characterizing the General Body as 'supreme' is nothing but an attempt to bypass the orders passed by the Hon'ble Supreme Court in terms of which the office bearers of BCCI are required to act under the supervision and control of the Committee of Administrators," the COA letter reads.
The COA once again told Choudhary about how the approval for SGM was not taken.
"Nothing in the existing Memorandum and Rules of Regulations of BCCI prevented you from forwarding any requisitions that you may have received to the Committee of Administrators and seeking approval. Till today, the Committee of Administrators has not seen a single requisition let alone the required number of requisitions," it stated.
The COA reiterated that they don't want to stop the BCCI committees from functioning unless it conflicts with the duties and decisions of COA, in which case, they would be compelled to interfere.
"The email dated 1st April 2017 states that the Committee of Administrators do not intend to interfere with the decisions of the various committees of BCCI and/or the General Body as long as the same do not conflict with the duties/ decisions of the Committee of Administrators," it said.
"This itself makes it clear that the Committee of Administrators can and will interfere with decisions of the various committees of BCCI and the General Body where it considers necessary."
The COA reminded that as per Lodha Committee recommendations and SC judgement on July 18, 2016, general body doesn't have any "monopoly power".
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