CoA bars top BCCI officials from IPL players' auction

The Committee of Administrators, headed by former CAG Vinod Rai, on Sunday barred three top BCCI officials from attending the IPL players' auction scheduled to be held on Monday in Bengaluru.

"Mr C. K. Khanna, Mr Amitabh Choudhary, Mr Anirudh Chaudhry and any other persons who claim to be ex-officio members of the IPL GC on account of being office bearers of the BCCI shall not be entitled to attend the IPL Player Auctions since the issue regarding validity of the undertakings filed by such persons pursuant to the order dated January 2, 2017 is still pending before the Supreme Court," the CoA said in a statement.

While Khanna is the BCCI's seniormost Vice President, Anirudh has been the treasurer. Amitabh, on the other hand, was serving as joint secretary before all three were rendered powerless following the institution of the CoA. The CoA said only those officials, who conform to the reforms made mandatory by the Supreme Court, would be eligible to attend the auction.

"In respect of other members of the IPL Governing Council, only those persons who are not disqualified in terms of the strict understanding/interpretation of the disqualifications in terms of the various orders issued by the Supreme Court may attend the IPL Player Auctions," the committee stated.

"The Committee of Administrators does not have complete data to determine whether each of the members of the IPL GC other than the ex-officio members are disqualified or not. In view thereof, the said other members are requested to assess for themselves as to whether they are disqualified or not.

"Should they attend the IPL Player Auctions, the concerned members would be deemed to have undertaken and represented that they are not disqualified as aforesaid," the committee said. The CoA said it might designate specific individuals for the auction in case the IPL Governing Council does not have more than two eligible officials.

"In the event less than 2 of the members are available to attend the IPL Player Auctions on 20th February 2017, any role that may ordinarily have been performed by the IPL GC in relation to the IPL Player Auctions will be performed by such persons as the Committee of Administrators may separately designate for the purpose, if required," it said.
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