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Algeria considers submitting joint bid with Morocco, Tunisia for World Cup 2030

Algiers: Algerian Youth and Sport Minister Mohamd Hattab has said his country is considering submitting a joint bid with neighbouring Morocco and Tunisia for World Cup 2030, the local media reported.

The El Khabar newspaper website on Sunday noted that Hattab told reporters in the Spanish city of Tarragona that "Algeria is open to submit a joint bid with Tunisia and Morocco to host the World Cup 2030", reports Xinhua news agency

The idea of organising the World Cup jointly by these three North African nations was already promoted in Morocco and Tunisia.

Several news websites reported recently that Moroccan King Mohamed VI has sent a message to Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika proposing a joint bid to host football World Cup 2030.

This idea has also been widely hailed by users of social media platforms, as they considered that football may alternate politics and diplomacy to unite the divided North African nations which have failed so far to build their Maghreb Union.

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