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SP, BJP members come to blows in UP assembly

Members of the ruling Samajwadi Party and the BJP came to blows in the Uttar Pradesh assembly on Friday after the house was adjourned over accusations on the recent Muzaffarangar riots which claimed 47 lives.

Speaker Mata Prasad Pandey adjourned the House after BJP members rushed to the well of the House objecting to the statement of backward welfare minister Ambika Choudhury’s attitude.

BJP members and ruling ministers pushed each other but timely intervention of Congress members Pramod Tiwari and Pardeep Mathur averted unprecedented violence in the House premises.  The last time such violence broke out in the assembly, was in 1997.

The situation turned violent when Choudhury, who was sitting in place of parliamentary affairs minister Azam Khan, made some harsh statements against BJP member Upendra Tiwari.

The BJP members objected and entered the Well of the House. When BJP member Kushan  Maurya went near Choudhury, who was sitting besides chief minister Akhilesh Yadav, other ministers including Narad Rai pushed Maurya and thus both the sides started pushing each other.

But after the adjournment, senior members including Pramod Tiwari, Hukum Singh and Swami Prasad Maurya regretted about the incident and apologised.

The Speaker was also urged to remove all unparliamentary words said by the members or minister.

Before the commotion BJP member Suresh Rana, an accused in the Muzafarnagar riots, gave his clarification of his innocence and alleged that the ruling Samajwadi Party members were behind the riots. He even went to the extent of saying that a senior SP leader in Muzaffarnagar had openly said that two ministers are directly involved in the riots.

‘I am ready to face any punishment if there is any evidence against me over my inflammatory speech. A fake FIR has been registered against me to protect the interests of the leaders of the ruling party,’ he alleged, while he claimed that he was not afraid of his arrest.

Suresh Rana was stopped several times by the speaker, who asked him not to narrate the incidents and just give his clarification that he was not guilty in the riots.

But irked BJP members trouped in the well of the house several times in support of Suresh Rana, which later erupted in a virtual clash with the treasury bench after the speaker adjourned the house.

Meanwhile, chief minister Akhilesh Yadav on Friday reiterated that stern action will be taken against all those responsible for Muzaffarnagar riots.

The chief minister expressed regret over using an unparliamentary word against senior BJP leader Hukum Singh during debate on the riots on Wednesday.

Yadav had charged Singh with telling a lie when the latter had stated that people had come with ‘khel ka saman’ (hockey sticks) during the panchayat before the riots.
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