Soni reviews Sectoral Innovation Council report

The Sectoral Innovation Council of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, under the Chairpersonship of Asha Swarup, Retd Secretary, on Thursday submitted its report to the minister Ambika Soni. 

The primary objective of this council was to design a policy ecosystem in which new ideas would be integrated into the mainstream and get converted into policy initiatives by the government. Soni complimented the council for taking the initiative in completing the report in record time and being the first council to submit its recommendations. 

She added, ‘The issues deliberated upon by the council would be looked into by the Ministry in the policy domain. The recommendations made by the council in different sectors of the media and entertainment would act as a roadmap in the future.

The council in its report has analysed the growth potential of the media & entertainment Industry by recommending changes in critical areas such as broadcasting, print media, animation, gaming and VFX, media education and films.’ The council has made 64 recommendations in seven areas concerning the media and entertainment sector.  Some of these recommendations include a comprehensive policy media policy, that integrates all existing media segments and addresses the emergent issues. The council has recommended to bring out a National Media Policy that addresses the new media landscape. 

Also the government may look into the existing licensing procedures and requirements to ensure further liberalisation and reforms in the broadcasting sector. It also focuses on the fact that the content entertains.
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