Sona does an MJ for Sajid

Michael Jackson’s moves still work up a frenzy as scintillating Sonakshi Sinha proved when she shook her booty and rocked a select audience in a special first look performance in Mumbai to the disco song Thank God It’s Friday from director Sajid Khan’s upcoming film Himmatwala that is due to hit theatres on 29 March this year.

Donning two different Manish Malhotra-designed outfits for the song, the song shows Sona in two different avatars. In the first, she is in a vintage sequined dress and headband that strikingly resembles Parveen Babi’s look in the song Pyaar Karne Wale from the film
. In the other look, Sonaskhi’s wearing black pants, jacket and boots inspired by Sridevi’s disco look from Chaalbaaz.

Dancing to ace choreographer Chinni Prakash’s steps, the actress even ‘moonwalked’ Michael Jackson-style in her black outfit to the song, which has been sung by Sunidhi Chauhan. ‘The shoes were not ideal for moonwalking and I didn’t have time to prepare but I managed to dance,’ Sonakshi said, adding ‘I love music and like to dance, given the opportunity. Zyaada nahin, as I am a homebody, though I go sometimes to nightclubs.’

‘TGIF is not an item song, but a very special moment of Mumbai city. I followed my gut feeling in making this song and I am sure it will bring back memories of the good old days featuring disco music of the 1980s in its retro feel with shiny sets and reflective dance floor and mirrors,’ said Sajid Khan. ‘In 1983, I witnessed the disco culture and learnt break dance and nightclub culture. So I decided to bring back the sights and sounds of that period to this present day,’ reminisced Sajid.

‘Another reason I made this song is that nearly everybody — including the youth — looks forward to Friday night, when they get to chill out and then relax for two days on Saturday and Sunday,’ he pointed out while adding that girls. especially in the age group of 12 to 14 years, will like this song once it catches on.

Responding to audience requests, the director got on the floor and displayed his own smooth style by grooving to the same song with a bit of Michael Jackson moves thrown in for good measure.

‘We referred to songs from ABBA, Boney M to catch the mood of songs from the 80s for Thank God It’s Friday,’ said the composer duo Sachin and Jigar, who had earlier produced the hit number 4 baj gaye lekin party abhi baaki hai.

‘Sonakshi is a beautiful dancer,’ remarked singer Sunidhi Chavan while singing a sequence of the film’s song at the special look event.
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