Skoda to pay for defective car

Luxury car maker Skoda India Pvt Ltd, has been ordered by the Delhi State Consumer Commission to pay one of its car buyers Rs 20.17 lakh, including Rs 2.5 lakh compensation, for selling him a defective car.

The state consumer commission relying on the service history records and receipts of expenditure submitted by the buyer, observed the car purchased in April 2005 had to be taken to the service station 33 times for repairing defects, many of which were manufacturing ones, and it cost Rs 1.65 lakh to the customer.

‘It is clear that the vehicle purchased in April 2005 and had covered 16,000 km was taken 33 times to the service station within two years for having defects, of course some of them are manufacturing, for which parts were replaced by opposite party (Skoda) and complainant (buyer) had to incur an expenditure of Rs 1,65,000.

‘Taking into consideration the facts and circumstances... we direct opposite parties (Skoda and its dealer) to jointly and severely refund Rs 17.67 lakh as price of the vehicle to complainant and Rs 2,50,000 as compensation for harassment and including litigation cost,’ a bench comprising its presiding member Salma Noor and judicial member V K Gupta said.

The bench fixed the refund amount of the car after taking into account the depreciation applicable from when it was bought in 2005 till filing of the complaint in 2008.

The complaint was filed by Uttar Pradesh native Viney Sagar Sahgal, who had alleged that the Skoda Superb he bought in 2005 for Rs 22,98,375 had several manufacturing defects and never gave satisfaction since the day of its purchase.

The defects alleged by Sahgal included frequent stalling of engine, brake failure, air conditioning problems, etc.

Skoda in its defence had contended that all the defects were repaired and thus his claim should be dismissed.

The commission, however, rejected the contention saying the car was taken for repairs 33 times and Sahgal is entitled to refund and directed him to return the vehicle when he receives the amount.
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