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‘Sincere dialogue needed on issues between India, Pak’

Describing reports on infiltration as ‘baseless’, Pakistan’s High Commissioner to India Salman Bashir on Sunday called for both neighbours to address their respective concerns through dialogue instead of whipping up frenzy.

He called for leaving the issue to be addressed by the military authorities rather than pointing fingers. He also found fault with the way the Indian media, especially news channels, were focusing on ‘so-called incursions and infiltrations’.

Talking to reporters in Hyderabad where he is on a three-day visit Bashir maintained that Pakistan wanted peace on the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir and was ready for dialogue on all difficult issues to resolve them amicably.

Bashir pointed out that at the recent meeting between the prime ministers of the two countries in New York, it was decided that director generals, military operations (DGMOs) should be asked to give suggestions to ensure ceasefire is respected.

Criticising Indian television channels, he said some of them were making good business out of, what he called, negative reporting about Pakistan. He commented that Pakistan bashing was favourite pastime of these channels.

‘Friendship can flourish only if it is nurtured and cultivated in hearts and minds of people and by poisoning the hearts and minds of the people, you are killing the very soil on which it is to be based,’ he said.

He added, ‘We have evidence which we have shared and we are prepared to share with the rest of the world and particularly with government of India on fuelling of acts of terrorism in Pakistan.’ 

He also asked, ‘Whoever is making the argument that they (infiltrators) have not descended from heaven, I want to ask who are these thousands of people who are involved in heinous acts of terrorism in Pakistan. Have they descended from heaven? We agree they have not descended from heaven. From where are they being funded and sourced?’

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