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Shivraj takes a dig at Rahul

‘A few days ago a friend (Rahul) visited Indore. These days he refers to his grandmother, mother and father, who he considers as his only family, while for me all the 7.5 crore people of the state are family,’ Chouhan said at a rally at Sanver near here on the last day of his ‘Janashirwad yatra’.

Referring to Rahul’s allegation quoting a UNICEF report that starvation levels in Madhya Pradesh and South Africa were same, Chouhan said his government had launched Mukhyamantri Annapurna Scheme to provide foodgrains to the people at a very low rate as far back as in 2008.

The chief minister, who is facing assembly elections next month, said he will not allow any poor person in the state to sleep on a hungry stomach.

‘No chief minister has the right to live if a poor man sleeps hungry in his state,’ Chouhan said.
Referring to Rahul’s promise that Congress would turn Indore into a big commercial centre, Chouhan said the city was already counted among the five top cities in the country.

Meanwhile, taking a dig at Congress leaders over their ‘newfound’ unity, Chouhan said those who had until recently been fighting like ‘snakes and mongooses’ were now walking hand-in- hand after being scared by the growing support for BJP.

‘Afraid of the BJP’s growing public support, Congress leaders who were earlier fighting like snakes and mongooses... are repeatedly saying now that they are united,’ Chouhan said at a rally at Sanver, 40km from here, on the last day of his ‘Janashirwad Yatra’.

Attacking Congress leaders for calling him a ‘ghoshna-veer’, Chouhan said, ‘Congress leaders should know that announcements are made by ‘veers’ (the brave) and not by cowards.’

Chouhan highlighted his government’s achievements in the areas of electricity supply, interest-free loans for farmers, improvement of condition of roads, etc., as he urged people to vote for BJP.
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