Shashi worked hard to make Sunanda’s death look natural

In fact, the medical reports now in possession of Millennium Post indicate towards the contrary and back the premise of forensic expert Dr Sudhir Gupta that the death was ‘unnatural’. On 27 February, 2014, a facsimile message was sent from Shashi Tharoor’s office to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) at 2.47 pm forwarding a certificate from one Dr Anil Gupta of Cooper Health Clinic in Dubai to ‘help in determining the cause of her death’.

The certificate suggested that she could have died of LUPUS. According to medical literature, patients suffering from this disease get frequent episodes of joint pains, skin problems and renal failure, among other complications. The Dubai-based doctor, in his concluding paragraph, mentions, ‘a mere injection for blood test or bumping into a piece of furniture could result in visible bruising. I am concerned as bruising on her body is being discussed as inflicted in the media.’

This certificate from the Dubai clinic, as indicated by the date, came after the findings of the post-mortem examination report, which talked about injuries on her body. Tharoor would need to answer why he got the report faxed to the AIIMS, where the forensic sciences department was handling the medico-legal implications of the matter. Claims have been made by certain friends of Shashi Tharoor that the intention of sharing his wife’s medical history was innocent and it was meant to just help AIIMS reach a conclusion on the cause of Sunanda’s death. This claim, however, falls flat in the face of another document now in possession of the Millennium Post – the blood reports (MR No. 004682010) issued by a super-specialty hospital in Thiruvaananthapuram, the Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences.

The blood samples for the tests were collected on 12 and 13 January and after extensive tests reported on 12, 15, 17 and 21 January, it concluded that she did not suffer from the disease LUPUS Anti Coagulant. This firmly establishes the fact that Tharoor, despite the knowledge of the report from Asia’s leading tertiary care hospital stating that Sunanda did not suffer from LUPUS, pushed a certificate from a family friend’s clinic in Dubai to establish that she died of this disease.

Shashi Tharoor, so far, has decided to remain silent on the matter and spoken only through his few socialite friends, who have chosen to debunk the ‘unnatural death’ theory of AIIMS without a shred of evidence to back their line.
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