SC sends Sahara chief to Tihar jail

The Supreme Court said it was totally unhappy with Roy’s proposal to refund money to investors. The apex court sent him to Tihar Jail where he will remain in judicial custody ‘till he comes up with a concrete proposal’. Along with him, two other directors of the company Ashok Roy Choudhary and Ravishankar Dubey have also being sent to jail. Defending himself Roy made an emotional appeal with folded hands he tendered an unconditional apology to the Supreme Court as he appeared in the court after ignoring summons for over two years. The SC in turn said, ‘We respected you, you failed to respect us.’

‘I have faith in you. Punish me if I don’t comply with your order,’ said Roy. While seeking more time, Roy said the group will sell its properties to refund the amount to the investors. The bench told him : ‘You can’t make payment in cash as it is contrary to law. You have to make payment through demand draft or cheque.’ The bench also rapped the Sahara Group for not abiding by its order and taking contradictory stand on payment of investors’ money. ‘You pushed us to the corner. Had you been serious, this position would not have arrived,’ it said. Roy’s lawyers told the court Roy would give a concrete proposal by Wednesday and requested the matter to be listed at 2 pm. The court set the date of next hearing on 11 March.

Roy will be kept in high-security Tihar prison where he will sleep on the floor and eat jail food like an ordinary prisoner.

Roy, who calls himself managing worker of Sahara India Pariwar, the largest private sector employer in the country, will be allowed to meet visitors only twice a week.

‘Unlike other jails, where prisoners are categorized under A, B or C category, we don’t have such special class. So, he will be kept as an ordinary prisoner,’ Tihar Jail spokesman Sunil Gupta said.

‘We have two complexes, one at Tihar and the other in Rohini. We have decided to keep him at the Tihar complex where he will be treated like any ordinary prisoner’, he said. ‘He will have to sleep on the floor and have to eat jail food. Visitors will be allowed to meet him only twice a week and that too from the list of ten people he will have to submit at the time of admission,’ he added.

‘He will be kept in a civil cell to save him from other prisoners,’ Gupta said. Roy was ordered to remain in custody for a week in Delhi by the SC, which was unhappy over the proposal his group on the refund of investors’ money as it has not come up with any concrete proposal.
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