Luscious mangoes of Ratnagiri

1 July 2023 3:03 PM GMT
Renowned for its exquisite texture, taste, aroma, early bearing, and excellent keeping quality, the Alphonso — King of Mangoes — is unique to Konkan...

Elegant sarees of Bishnupur

24 Jun 2023 3:40 PM GMT
The journey of the handloom craft of weaving exquisite Baluchari sarees has been dotted with several ups and down — depending on the patrons,...

An Immersive chronicle

17 Jun 2023 4:22 PM GMT
Interspersed with enticing quotes and ditties, Beyond the Trappings of Office is a wonderful memoir by retired IAS officer Rajan Kashyap, which not...

Magical silk of Mysore

10 Jun 2023 3:08 PM GMT
Known for its extraordinary quality and permanence of lustre, Mysore silk, as a purveyor of Karnataka’s rich culture, has found diversified usage with...

A saga of saffron ascension

3 Jun 2023 7:42 PM GMT
Co-authored by Bhupendra Yadav and Ila Patnaik, ‘The Rise of the BJP’ chronicles the surge of the BJP as the world’s largest political party

God’s own food!

27 May 2023 4:34 PM GMT
Grown in Kerala’s picturesque environments adorned with valleys, hillocks, rivers, forests etc., Navara rice is not just a nutritious and easily...

Tale of the great conquest

20 May 2023 6:15 PM GMT
KP Agrawal’s magnum opus, British Takeover of India, documents the major treaties that were instrumental in India’s colonisation — exposing, in the...

Levers for the last mile

13 May 2023 3:03 PM GMT
Community participation and technology are the two basic building blocks that can go a long way in transforming the lives of people at the grassroots...

Evolving dynamics

6 May 2023 3:55 PM GMT
As karmyogis, the civil servants have been relentlessly synthesising the inputs provided by various sectors to put everything in a wider perspective....

Bridging the gulf

29 April 2023 2:29 PM GMT
In the second part of the extract from his Civil Services Day address, Sanjeev Chopra highlights that British India’s frontier regulations in...

Homage to the pioneers

22 April 2023 4:27 PM GMT
In this extract from his Civil Services Day address, Sanjeev Chopra elucidates the contribution of IFAS officers Major Ralengnao Khathing and Lt...

Exquisite carvings of Konark

8 April 2023 4:06 PM GMT
Originated under the ancient Eastern Ganga dynasty, the stone-craft of Konark not just continues to be an expression of love, devotion and faith but...
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