‘Salman’s more than a brother’

‘Salman and I are so close that to know our stories, you would need to spend a weekend with me,’ joked Arbaaz Khan, who has now turned director after a not-so-successful career as actor, when asked about his favourite moments with brother Salman. ‘We are a very close knit family. We all share a good rapport with each other,’ he points out.

In many ways, he has it easy, directing his superstar brother who is on a golden run for the last few years. But just weeks ahead of his directorial debut Dabangg 2, Arbaaz finds no reason to be content.

‘One shouldn’t be cocky about success and say certain things are a given. Stars bring with them a body of work, so it gives you a background. But at the end of the day, it is content that matters,’ he says, matter-of-factly.

So what is going on in his mind now? Is he afraid, nervous, confident, happy? ‘I am going through a lot of emotions now. I am anxious, happy, confident and a tad bit nervous,’ says the actor-director who was in the Capital recently.

But any movie with Salman Khan in the lead is a sure shot recipe for success. Doesn’t that bring him some relief? ‘End of the day you need to make a good film. A star will bring in his audience to the theatre for sometime, but after that, it is content that will count,’ Arbaaz tells Millennium Post.

Brother and superstar Salman has recently said that with Arbaaz at the helm, he was comfortable doling out advice because it was a matter between brothers. Was Arbaaz comfortable taking advice?
Why not, argues Arbaaz, adding that in a movie of such proportions, it is normal to get advice from all quarters — be it from the editor, the director of photography, the choreography team or others.

‘Salman is not just my brother but he is also a senior actor. It is a part of the production thing. Everyone involved with a film would have suggestions. It is not just one man’s film,’ he says. ‘But it is up to the director whether he would take the advice,’ he adds.
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