Salman wants fans to stop trolling SRK, Aamir Khan

Superstar Salman Khan is fed up of online feuds between his fans and the followers of his contemporaries Shah Rukh and Aamir Khan and has threatened to quit social media if such fights continue.

All the three Khans have a staunch fan following online and many a time the die-hard followers indulge in nasty fights with each other over their favourites.

The 49-year-old Kick star said even Shah Rukh and Aamir, who are his close friends, find these fights in bad taste.

 “Shahrukh and Aamir hate it too. And for my fans don’t let me down. Srk and Aamir Khan are my friends. Bhad mein gaya No 1,2,3. Samjhe kya? (To hell with the numbers. Understood?),” Salman tweeted.

The actor slammed fans, who take on false identities to bad mouth actors online.

“Fan who is on a false identity using it to put another actor, friend, colleague down, is no fan of mine, don’t like. simple funda hai.

“Messed up fighting over your hero’s with each other. Make this journey beautiful, didn’t sign up for this ugly twitter war and not a part of it.. Continue it and I will be off twitter. Came here to spread love, share some thoughts have fun with fans, not for them to insult my fraternity,” he wrote. 

“Don’t want them to fight or turn nasty, ugly, abusive.

Twitter should also block abusive language, how difficult is that. “Yahaan pe koi compete karne ke liye nahi aaya hoon ki kiss ke followers zyada hai aur kaun mere doston and competitors ko gira raha hai. (I am not here to compete over the number of followers of my colleagues and not to see who is putting down his friends and competitors),” he said. 
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