Salman is not a paper tiger: Sohail

Filmmaker-actor Sohail Khan is happy at the stupendous opening of Ek Tha Tiger and says it’s the best Eidi Salman Khan’s fans could give him.

‘It’s the happiest feeling anyone can have. I have seen the film, it’s a superb film. I think it’s the best Eidi that Salman bhai’s fans could have given him,’ Sohail said on Thursday at a special screening of the film.

‘This film caters from the youngest to the oldest. This is one film the whole family can go and watch together,’ he added.

According to reports, Ek Tha Tiger did a whopping business worth Rs 32.95 crore in India alone on the opening day, breaking the record set by
that collected Rs 25 crore on the first day.

Sohail said the film’s success is a proof that Salman is a true tiger.

‘Yes, he has got a heart of a tiger. If you see, he has been working for the past 22 years. He has taken his time and the foundation is much stronger today.

‘He is not like the paper tiger actors who feel if they come in front of media and create some kind of attention, they can create stardom. It is the love of the fans you have to gather for years to come to the position that Salman has come to,’ Sohail said.

‘But you know, he is what his fans have made him. Really happy that he has got this loyal fan following,’ he added.
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